Hundred of Hoo Sailing Club




Welcome to this new year of 2022! Let us hope that that this year will be better than the last two years for all of us.


It is hard to remember that it is now almost two years since March 20 when we finished rebuilding the Sea Wall by the dinghy park. That was when Covid 19 actually arrived in earnest. That was the last major project that we have tackled and completed. We would not have been able to do that job ourselves without our own JCB.


Ever since then, throughout the succession of on-off lockdowns, we have been gently keeping the Club going by sensible social distancing and maintaining our security. We give our grateful thanks to all those members who have turned out to help to keep the Club going especially on our Spring and Autumn working week-ends. It is at those times we can pull together and achieve a whole lot of essential but quite boring, mundane maintenance tasks.


As an exception, at the last working week-end, we completely stripped off and rebuilt all the ancient rusting guttering of the Club-house. We had all been looking at this tricky job and putting it off for several years but we are now very   appreciative of the organisational abilities of “Team Brown” who got to grips with the job and finished it.


For the current year, we will be holding our first Annual General Meeting for two years on Sunday 20th March at 10:30 am. This has been moved a week earlier than normal so that we do not conflict with Mothering Sunday or the date when Summertime starts. Now no-one has an excuse not to attend! The AGM is a very good opportunity for all members to get together and especially to meet new members. Refreshments provided.


If there is any item which you would like to discuss at this Club Meeting please ring or email your Club Secretary Tony Kingswood. The AGM is your opportunity to tell the Committee what you think is important for the Club.


Meanwhile, I am pleased to say that we have decided to keep the Club Fees unchanged for another year.    


Esmond White