Hundred of Hoo Sailing Club


This year started in such a promising way with good weather in January and China with its Coronavirus seemed a long way away. But then February came with its horrible wind and rain.

On the good side, our new pontoons appeared to cope with big tides and strong N.E. winds better than we could have hoped.

Now we have “lockdown” Your Committee had to cancel the AGM and all further meetings and gatherings until further notice.


In spite of the bad weather a small band of members have managed to completely rebuild a large part of our sea wall. Our thanks should go to the team of people who found, bought and transported the new JCB to the Club. This big construction job could not have been completed without the JCB, its maintenance repair team and the skilled operators.

Amongst many others, Steve and Chris Brown, Paul Baker and Tony Davies deserve particular recognition. Thank you team!

Let’s all hope that the new wall will last another 50 years.


It is obvious that the Spring Working party planned for the weekend 18th/19th April will not take place. This presents the Club with a whole series of problems, not at least of which is that the grass and weeds are growing fast despite Covid-19. Perhaps the biggest problem is that both sets of Fore-&-Aft mooring trots need serious maintenance. Our idea is that we need a select team to do this emergency work whilst maintaining their 2m social distancing. The relevant mooring holders will be in line to be invited.


Finally, we are very grateful to the large number of members who have paid their subscriptions on time. May I ask those members who have not yet paid please pay up as quickly as possible. The Club has some big bills to pay!

If there are any members who are seriously out of pocket due to the Coronavirus and have real difficulty in paying their subscriptions, would they please personally phone or email Tony Kingswood (Hon Sec) to give him their details.


Here’s hoping that the Coronavirus will pass as quickly as possible.


                                                                      Esmond White (Commodore)